Coffee & Conversation

bdecb4e450f318652f4057068344f9fb_2013_01_30_12_53I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop, drinking the best Americano of my life … and I can’t help but overhear two ladies conversing near me. They’re doing the normal girl-gab thing, but doesn’t the topic of “work” come up just as I am getting settled. One says, “Yes, I’ve got to make money, but I want to do something I LOVE to do”. Well isn’t it comforting to know the same conversations are happening in every nook the world over! I know me and my girlfriends are talking about it … it would certainly be nice to make a living doing something you love, no doubt. If you are not there yet, start with baby steps. Make a list of the 5 things you absolutely LOVE to do in your spare time. Then start doing them. Involve your friends, be it in the act or at the very least, the start of the conversation. Create an “ideas” group with like-minded people and then see what happens.

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie