Men can do it too!

17310779788150193_Yp2OBXF5_b_2013_01_22_09_57Working with my first male client tonight has me giggly. It makes me happy to see a man thinking about image, fashion and striving to be his best. It reminded me that image consulting ISN’T just for women, although the majority of my clients, thus far, have been women. Men’s fashion has come a loooooong way and there are some fun things coming up for spring. Patterns, pops of colour, denim (under a suit?) and the return of the loafer (did it ever go?) … Trends are fun if they work for you. Understanding a person’s unique style and then working with the right cuts, fabrics, colours – all of which will work for that individuals lifestyle, of course … that’s where the fun is for me (and, I like to think, for my clients too).

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie