Clothing Confidantes - A Night of Dance with PushPULL

We were thrilled to be in the audience last evening for PushPULL Dance's First Decade Opening night show at the Winchester Street Theatre in Toronto. We were there to support our friend - and ridiculously talented gal - Kelly Fanson. She can act, write, direct, pitch, whistle … and now we learn she's a wicked dancer. What can't she do?IMG_2825

It was also exciting to see our very first ad in print in the PushPULL show program!


The dance numbers are choreographed by the members (yes, Kelly can choreograph too - check out her number "Happiness is a Work in Progress") which consists of Lawyers, Doctors, Ad Execs, Actors and teachers to name a few. And you can FEEL their passion and love for dance.

At the end of the evening we enjoyed some patio time, well … because, patio season is here.


Go see the show, you'll be glad you did.

It runs June 5-8 and June 12-14. Visit for more info.

Oh what a night!

smut-soiree-toronto-25jun13-390I attended the Lainey Gossip SMUT Soiree this past week, my first ever btw, and it was quite a well-attended event. I had never been to the Evergreen Brickworks, the venue for the event, and it was an impressive space. I don't tend to follow many of those celeb gossip thingy's but WOW, it was apparent at SMUT that many, many, many stylish women do. Women of all shapes, all sizes and all styles came out in droves to listen to this self-made celeb blogger drone on about, well ... frankly ... smut!?! Dare i say, it was fun to watch! I was a little amazed and quite taken with the great fashion in the room. Hint: a good event to attend next year with your besties if you want style ideas and tips. It's a night of people watching with wine! But the best part? We received a pretty kick-ass swag bag on our way out the door. Now THAT'S the sign of a good party.

Till the next pair of shoes ... kylie