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About Kylie




“She is a creative, big-hearted, magnetic, joyful, fun-loving personality.  She’s a wise and refreshingly quirky soul, curious and intelligent with a great sense of humour and unprecedented people skills.”

A fun, energetic, and passionate gal, Kylie holds a Bachelors Degree in Jazz Vocal Performance, has a Marketing Degree and is a trained Image Consultant.

As a founding member of "The Beehive Singers", she's performed, recorded and toured North America and the Caribbean and been featured on numerous TV and Radio shows.  Within the Marketing and Advertising sector, she's worked in branding with Woodbine Entertainment Group and in promotions for magazines such as ELLE Canada, Style at Home and Canadian Living.

Kylie is an accomplished singer (check out her vocal jazz quartet, www.4skor.ca), a driven entrepreneur and a seasoned foundation manager. Her background and skills tie together her love of music, her acumen for business and her strong desire to help people through her extensive charity and consulting work.

Kylie is creative to her core and as an Image professional, she believes that looking your best is crucial to feeling your best, which leads to greater confidence, performance, and life satisfaction.

In a few short hours Kylie has completely changed the relationship I have with clothes...Truly, what Kylie has done is life changing for me!
— Carrie D.

Kylie's Approach to Style

Everyday we make decisions about how we want to feel and present ourselves - and those decisions start first thing in the morning with what we decide to wear. Clothes are an intimate part of our lives and play a role in our deepest desires for success and relationships in our lives. 

Will people like me? Will I get the job? Will there be a second date? Will I stand out? Will I fit in? These questions are at the back of our minds every time we look in our closets.

The answer to these questions is consciousness, and what we call "Conscious Style". Knowing who you are and what your goals are informs your style, and helps you make positive decisions. When you are deliberate with your style, you can then shop consciously, saving you time, money and energy.

Unlike "retail therapy" where shopping is an outlet for frustration and a reliever of stress, Conscious Shopping is:

  • Satisfying: You enjoy your purchases, and wear them regularly.
  • Efficient: You only purchase what you need for your wardrobe and your life, within your budget.
  • Empowering: Your purchases are made with self-awareness about who you want to be and the type of life you want to lead giving you a sense of confidence. 

Many clients come with a lack of clarity around their clothing habits - with closets full of unworn clothes and a sense that they have nothing to wear. I help you understand the big picture of your life and personality and where your clothes fit in.