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Everyone Knows That Looks Matter.

But it's often something we don't talk about, and something many people experience stress around when it comes to interviews, social events, shopping, and their closets.

Whether it's in the workplace, or in your personal life, how you dress can be the difference between success and failure. While you may be an awesome person worthy of a great job and rich social life - you may be missing out on opportunities because you aren't SHOWING people how awesome you are.

Kylie skillfully breaks down the psychology of clothes in daily life, and provides practical advice on how you can transform your wardrobe to support YOU and YOUR GOALS. Her light-hearted and down-to-earth approach to clothes demystifies style, fashion, and trends and helps their audiences answer the age old question: "What am I going to wear today?"

Kylie was extremely knowledgeable and passionate...and delivered a fantastic workshop!
— Asif, Business Management U of T Scarborough

Signature Talks

Unleash Your Superpowers: How Clothes can Super-Charge Your Success in Life


Laziness and comfort define how most people dress. But there is so much more. Clothes truly have the power to change not only how others see you - but how you see yourself. Imagine what your life would be like if you felt powerful and confident everyday. What would you do that you only wish you could now? 

The truth is that clothes CAN give you the boost of confidence and energy you need to live the life you want. In "Unleash Your Superpowers..." we break down what science shows about clothes, mood and performance, and how you can supercharge your life, just by changing your clothes.

  • The Clothing Feedback Cycle: Clothes exist as part of a social feedback cycle that can feed your confidence - or drain it. You can use clothes to build momentum for success in your life.
  • Clothes, Body Image and Your Mood: Discover How Wearing the right Jeans can protect you from depression, and wearing the right clothes can change how you feel about your body.
  • Discovering Your Authentic Style: Knowing your personality and your body and what that means to be the best version of yourself. 

Level Up Your Personal Brand Through the Power of Style


If you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, sales person, c-level executive...or even on the dating scene, you have a brand. Everyone does. And leveraging your appearance to communicate exactly who you are and what you are about can pave the way to success in all aspects of your life. 

These days, your personal brand takes place online, as well as offline. And while a lot of attention is paid to social media, who you are when you show up in person is far more critical to real success in your life, since true success is built around relationships. 

  • The Power of First Impressions to open, or close doors.
  • Measuring the Quality of Your Personal Brand in the blink of an eye: Likeability, Competence and Influence.
  • 3 Ways to Stand Out When Networking: Peacocking, Hooks and Authentic Style
  • The Style Spectrum: All style is made up of different elements, just like music made up of different sounds. By fine-tuning the fundamental elements of style you can communicate exactly what your personal brand is all about. 
  • 5 Steps to Creating Authentic Style for your Personal Brand: knowing your brands style words and understanding the language of clothes so you can get the right fit for your brand.

Dressing for Success In the Workplace


We spend a large part of our lives at work, and that adds up to a lot of days beginning with the question "What do I wear today?". Workplaces have dress codes, although sometimes they aren't stated explicitly. Once you understand what your goals are, and your environment, getting ready for your day can be empowering instead of stressful. 

  • Why Clothes Matter: What research shows about the importance of appearance in the workplace.
  • What does it mean to "Dress For Success?": Get your intentions right, and the rest will follow.
  • The 5 Principles for Dressing For Success
  • Understanding Levels of Dress Code: Smart Casual, Business Casual, Business Professional...what does it all really mean?
  • Style Tips for Looking Your Best At Work: Fit, Colour, and Pattern.

Speaking Formats


Half or Full Day Workshops

In depth discussions about the psychology of clothes and changing your wardrobe for good.


One Hour Lunch + Learn

Inspirational talks for a quick, informative boost of fun and confidence.


Style Parties

Where you and your friends can share wine, swap clothes, and discover your own personal style in an a safe and intimate setting.


CustoM Workshop Modules

Designed to address specific issues for corporate clients discussing communication, dress codes, and workplace performance.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Expressing Your Authentic Self. Kylie & Jonathan joined Lindsay Johnson from The Networking Boutique and Cynthia Barlow from C3 Conversations at Le Germain Hotel for an important evening of networking and learning. The discussion focused on connecting with your authentic self, expressing your authentic self through conscious style, bringing awareness to your body language and networking authentically both professionaly and socially.

I Am The Boss Conference. A full day Female Entrepreneur Networking Event. We were part of a panel discussion in the area of Image, presentation and it's impact on business (with Shirley Wu at Beauty Concept) at Paradise Banquet Hall, Vaughan.

From Feeble First Impressions to Forceful First Impressions. A panel discussion on why first impressions matter in the areas of Personal Branding, Personal Style, Online Branding, Public Speaking and Video Performance (with Kevin Smith The Story Architect, Natalia Kantor and Jan Keck Big3 and Kyle Dutka PB+J) at Brightlane, Toronto.

Is Your Personal Brand Helping...Or Hurting Your Career? (with Dana Janzen of Coaching4Results) A Lunch & Learn for The Legal Marketing Association of Toronto.

Dressing for Success in The Workplace. What to wear for Casual Fridays and what are the expectations around what to wear to work? A Lunch & Learn for Cadillac Fairview.

Rock Your Clothes. Rock Your World. Clothing, body image, confidence and the power of style to help women feel amazing everyday at FallFit Women's Weekend 2015.

Level Up Your Personal Brand Through the Power of Style. Using the language of clothes and personal style to communicate authentically and stand out from the crowd. Your Personal Brand from the perspective of style at North America's largest Personal Branding Conference, DYPB 15.

Secrets to Being a Super Mom! Simple ways to reduce stress, keep your closet organized and leverage the power of clothes to energize your day and help you feel in control, for the Mom's of East York, Toronto.

The Confidence Sessions: The Link Between What You Wear and How You Feel. (With Natalia Juarez of Lovistics) at The Centre for Social Innovation.

From School to Work: Starting Your Career with Style. Transitioning from student life to work life and using your clothes to get an edge at the beginning of your career. For students at U of T Scarborough, School of Business Management.


Bobby Umar, Leadership Speaker, 4x TEDx Speaker, founder of DYPB. www.raeallan.com

I was organizing an event for business students focusing on professionalism in the workplace and the importance of dressing right. Kylie was recommended to me and I found her very approachable and professional. She incorporated my ideas and delivered a fantastic workshop that really connected with the students. She were extremely knowledgeable and passionate and I was glad I made such a helpful connection for the students that I was working with.

- Asif, Business Management, U of T Scarborough

Dana, Kylie and Jonathan definitely delivered a well received, interactive and engaging event. They involved the audience, and worked well with our sponsor and emcee. More importantly, they really seem to have connected with our audience. Over and above their professionalism and attention to detail, I really enjoyed working with them. All three have amazing personalities, are very easy going and have been a pleasure to work with.

- Nadine S, The Legal Marketing Association