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Style Coaching


I often find shopping overwhelming and tedious, but Kylie made the process fun and stress free...I left our session feeling inspired, indulged, and energized!
- Nicole


You need to know that what you're wearing for a date is bang on.


  • Remove stress around 'what do i wear???' when preparing to meet someone new

  • Get the personalized, focused support you're looking for around your style

  • Sessions are short (2 hours), but powerful

  • Make real progress on specific style needs

How it works:

It's a custom session for you focusing on your needs and goals, helping you either add items or build a perfect look that is your style. When you meet someone new, you can feel confident knowing you'll get right to the good stuff. 


You need to know that you are being seen and respected as the professional you are.


  • Get a handle on your personal brand so you are perceived as credible and reliable but still YOU

  • Understand how to have a wardrobe that works exactly for your lifestyle

  • Make real progress on specific style needs

How it works:

It's a custom session or package of sessions for you focusing on your needs and goals, helping you either add items or build a wardrobe perfect for the job you WANT.

We can guide you through a closet purge to get rid of old clothing that doesn’t serve you anymore (too worn, doesn’t fit, wrong colour), guide you through the shopping process of adding basics or pieces that you need now and finally an outfit building session so that you see full looks from your current wardrobe and your new wardrobe.

In just two hours, Kylie completely changed the relationship I have with clothes...Truly, what Kylie has done is life changing for me!!
— Carrie D.

Why Hire Me?

Hiring a Personal Stylist or Image Coach is a lot like hiring a personal trainer. You may be generally healthy, and you may have a lot of knowledge - but an expert can help you get focused so you can reach your goals faster and with less guess work. 

Here's what I offer you:


It can be hard to see yourself objectively because it's easy to be stuck in mental ruts (not to mention how difficult it is to see your butt in the mirror). You may have assumptions about what works for you, what doesn't and associations with clothes that hold you back from being your very best. Having an objective viewpoint can open up new perspectives, new options and new opportunities for how you see yourself.


As a Style Consultant, I am trained and experienced in the realm of clothing and shopping - with numerous clients with various personalities, concerns and body types. My experience and perspectives on shopping and clothes make the whole process of dressing up and shopping easier and more efficient. 


Making changes can be difficult, and changing clothes can actually bring up a lot of emotion around body image and limiting beliefs about who you are. It's easy to resist change, and having a professional like me who can encourage you and support you in your image goals can actually make shopping and developing your personal style fun again.