Changing of the Seasons

IMG_1458I’ve always been really into fall. It’s my favourite time of year. I used to love the anxious anticipation I’d feel every September when I’d head back to school to see my friends. It always felt like there were many adventures awaiting me. I think I still feel it in the air every year, which I look forward to. I love the cooler nights and days requiring sweaters and even when I have to bust out my boots, I’m happy. But then … there’s also this bittersweet sadness I feel. Like saying goodbye to a camp friend you know you won’t see for a long while. Knowing you just didn’t have enough time to really say and do all you wanted to. That’s kinda how I feel about saying ‘see-ya’ to summer this year. It was really, really short. And really, really sweet – like most summers are I suppose. So, I’ll change my closets over sometime soon and trade my sandals for sorels. Soon … but not too soon … just in case ☺

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie

Dream Closet!

232357661994973186_tm8NMVrh_c_2012_11_05_15_13OK…chances are – your closet is not this awesome. But you don’t need a closet like this to be super organized and know exactly what clothes you have and where they are. A closet audit is the best way to ensure your wardrobe consists of ONLY the pieces that are working for you. Book one with me and you’ll be amazed! We work together so that you see exactly why you can and should let go of the items that no longer serve you. Then you can see the holes in your wardrobe based on your lifestyle and what items make sense to invest in. At the end of it…your closet might just feel as awesome as this one!

Till the next pair of shoes…kylie