Social Media Meltdowns?

facebook-lulea-data-centerI recently saw a story on TV about Facebook’s data centre. It freaked me out. We post photos, comments and likes and never think about it again. But, it’s all housed in their massive warehouses located in a small town at the northern edge of the Baltic Sea, 62 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

Weird eh?

Anyway, so it’s their birthday and they launched a stupid movie link (which, btw, mine had the same photo show up twice in the 1 min clip – shame on them. Yep…I WAS curious enough to watch). Whatever.

I read a great article all about 'social media lying' written by a young mom. She lovingly referred to Facebook as 'Fakebook' and rewrote posts made by other moms in the 'real' sense. Waking up to well-rested, smiling children who get along and behave marvelously turned into waking at 4:50am to groggy, cranky, stinky children who then proceeded to spill cereal all over the place, among other things. So, which is real? I would have to guess the latter is more probable and that the former is ... possible?

But the article really begged the question for me ... is it OK to give ourselves permission to just say it like it is sometimes? And when does saying it like it is just too plain personal? Don’t get me wrong, I love being on a personal level with my friends and family. But for some reason, I resist being too personal on my twitter or Facebook page. For some people there does not seem to exist a real line here.

There are some things I just don't want to read about you. Some things just make me feel a little ... icky. However, I can recognize that for some, perhaps social media is their only outlet for being able to express themselves in this personal way. Or maybe it’s just their favourite way. Perhaps they are seeking approval in their lives or they want to make their life look really cool. Or maybe they want that feeling of instant support. Watching for ‘likes’ does that…doesn’t it?

It makes me wonder, what did we DO before social media came along? I find myself longing for a time when I just called a friend or made a plan. Can you imagine just making a plan? I’m talking about not being able to know where someone is or follow them on a GSP system telling you how many minutes away they are (which is extremely convenient I must add!). You made a plan to meet at a certain spot and a certain time. And if someone didn’t’ show up, they didn’t show up and no one thought anything of it.

Having said all of that, I realize social media is a connector. It gives us news and information immediately. It's great for business and raising awareness for causes. I get all that. When I first joined, I was a bit scared. But then it became fun each day to see who had sent a friend request. My best friends from camp, an ex-boyfriend who moved to the states, old school friends and then there was THAT guy ... the one I had crushed on for years. It was both awesome and depressing to have a glimpse into a life that I'd fantasized about being mine...

But I digress.

I guess in some ways, social media has made me feel more connected AND more disconnected. This is still my personal struggle with it. I have both real friends (I’ll say ‘real friends’ as a differentiation between those who are actually in my life vs. the old camp friend) and non-friends (those people whom I knew from my past but are no longer in touch) and I suspect this is the norm. Only a few of my friends in media have thousands of “friends” who they don’t even know. I sometimes feel like I’m ‘caught up’ with someone based on them showing up in my feed. It’s nice … but it’s also a bit false.

I’ve tried to keep a very level head over the years when it comes to social media. I’ll admit there have been times when I’ve seen my ‘real friends’ (yep, real) at an event or party, and I’m at home in my fat pants reading the post. Here’s my truth – it makes me feel bad. BUT, only for a few, short moments. I have enough confidence to know that I’m not at that particular gathering for a reason and my friends have a right to see who they want, when they want, myself included or not. I’m still valuable, loved and fun. And, I don’t need to feel bad.

And, fifteen years ago, I never would have even known about that party.

That, was bliss.

Thanks :)

UnknownThank-you. Thanks. Thx. Tnks. TX.

I’ve seen it written many different ways. In this age of texting and emails and twitter and postings, it’s used an awful lot. These days it seems to be pretty much tossed around as an after-thought. But what’s really in saying or giving “thanks”? I’m not entirely sure we say it often enough to those people in our lives who have impacted us (either in a big way, or small) or supported us or who were just there at the right time, in the right place, saying the right things to get us through. It’s easy to say “thanks for the coffee” or “thanks for the chat” or “thanks for holding the door”. Those are things that come out of us somewhat unconsciously and we even say it to perfect strangers out of courtesy. “Thanks for being amazing” or “thanks for being beautiful” or “thanks for being my friend” or “thanks for being you”. These statements are not said often enough. So today, or tomorrow, or the next day…try it. Tell someone you love that you thank them for something BIG. Because THAT is what being thankful is truly about.

May the spirit of THANKSgiving bring you love, laughter and a warm heart.

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie

P.S. This picture reminds me of ... home.

Happy One Year to Me!


I recently traveled to western Canada and one fine afternoon, this was my view. As I was reflecting, I realized - one year ago (this month) I became certified as an image consultant and jumped into a new career with two wobbly feet. Like any new challenge, I’ve had moments of clarity and a few that felt somewhat terror-like. But, encouragement from friends, family, coaches and clients has remained steadfast. I had no idea how much this new venture would contribute to my own personal growth. That came as a total surprise. My perspective towards myself, others and life in a general sense, has changed for the better. And, one year in – fun things are happening. I’ve joined an agency as their “in-house” stylist, taken on a role as VP Marketing for the board of directors of my association (AICI) starting this fall, and I’ve partnered with two coveted Toronto boutiques so that I can bring an even more customized experience for my clients. Yep, I’m one happy and grateful human being.

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie

Stylishly Simple

Blushing-4-650x433_2013_04_29_10_43Things have been crazy busy so my blogs have been scarce. The good news is the season is finally changing to warmer, sunnier days and SOON (not yet, I said soon) we can bust out the shorts! I just did my own closet change-over this past weekend and put all my winter heavies away, purged my summer clothing (this is why it’s a good idea to switch at least twice a year, so you actually see what items you’ve not touched, and you also get to be all like “oh, yeah I totally FORGOT I had this number”!) and organized my closet for easy, breezy outfits. I love this one by Wendy, crisp white shorts and jacket, an interesting tee and cross body bag.

Simple. Style.

Till the next pair of shoes…


Photo courtesy of Wendy’s Lookbook

80/20 Is Not A Rule!

541078_364954833624262_952802091_n_2013_04_04_10_12When I saw this photo and caption I truly laughed out loud. I’ve had a couple clients recently admit to me, this is actually how they feel about their wardrobe. They have a lot of clothes … but they keep reaching for the same items over and over again. They wear 20% of their clothing, 80% of the time. They lose their inspiration for creativity and a sense of fun in their choices. I remind them (and you), you don’t have to be dressed up to look and feel fabulous. It can easily be incorporated into your everyday look (business or casual) and it’s easier than you might think. When clients write me or say things like “ This really, really helped my self esteem” or “ I even started exercising again!” I get really, really excited FOR THEM! Because a happy closet…means a happy life.

Happy spring!

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie

Pause for Thought

Presentation1_2013_03_11_11_41OK, so I love this so much, I just had to share it. Admittedly, when the seasons change and the trend reports and lists of “must-have’s” come out, I can tend to tire of it a bit. There’s a fine balance between believing what the marketers TELL us we should be wearing and buying (and yes, it’s mostly expensive designer stuff – at least in the fashion mags) and what we know in our hearts to be true. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to shop the new stuff in stores and nothing says spring quite like seeing all the winter items hanging on the “sale” rack…but every now and again, it can all be a bit much. So today I’m writing about what really matters. Believing in yourself. Because that, my stylish friends – is truly what being fabulous is all about.

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie

Coffee & Conversation

bdecb4e450f318652f4057068344f9fb_2013_01_30_12_53I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop, drinking the best Americano of my life … and I can’t help but overhear two ladies conversing near me. They’re doing the normal girl-gab thing, but doesn’t the topic of “work” come up just as I am getting settled. One says, “Yes, I’ve got to make money, but I want to do something I LOVE to do”. Well isn’t it comforting to know the same conversations are happening in every nook the world over! I know me and my girlfriends are talking about it … it would certainly be nice to make a living doing something you love, no doubt. If you are not there yet, start with baby steps. Make a list of the 5 things you absolutely LOVE to do in your spare time. Then start doing them. Involve your friends, be it in the act or at the very least, the start of the conversation. Create an “ideas” group with like-minded people and then see what happens.

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie

Men can do it too!

17310779788150193_Yp2OBXF5_b_2013_01_22_09_57Working with my first male client tonight has me giggly. It makes me happy to see a man thinking about image, fashion and striving to be his best. It reminded me that image consulting ISN’T just for women, although the majority of my clients, thus far, have been women. Men’s fashion has come a loooooong way and there are some fun things coming up for spring. Patterns, pops of colour, denim (under a suit?) and the return of the loafer (did it ever go?) … Trends are fun if they work for you. Understanding a person’s unique style and then working with the right cuts, fabrics, colours – all of which will work for that individuals lifestyle, of course … that’s where the fun is for me (and, I like to think, for my clients too).

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie

It's a New Year...

71424344059918614_9hWBQGgT_b_2013_01_04_12_01Happy New Year! There's something about the calendar changing years that puts me into a reflective mood. What did I accomplish in the year past, what did I miss and how do I move into a new year with the best possible intentions? This is what I'm thinking about these days.

For me, it's about embracing the moment. Too often I hear and see friends talking about the past or spending time while in others company on their latest device - often conversing with someone who isn't even present. I am going to try and be more engaging - with my clients, family and friends. And I am going to strive to be a better listener. Those are my resolutions for now.

Till the next pair of shoes…kylie

Casual Comfort

167899892328559386_bbvMrpY4_c_2013_01_13_13_53I just love this look. Probably because I’m drawn to the rich, warm colours that belong to my muted palette. But mostly because I love the way the shirt is tied at the bottom, it adds a polished look to a long top with leggings.

Notice the way the cuff of the sleeves are rolled as well to give a pop of that coral colour with the jacket. I love the hair, the scarf and the neutral cross-body bag. For an even more casual look, you could wear a black riding boot or a ballet flat. And, of course – notice the arm candy!

A nice touch of class.

Till the next pair of shoes…kylie

Holiday Style!

179510735116698056_DA26WGCI_c_2012_12_14_10_32The question I get asked the most this season is...”what do I wear”? This is a loaded question. There are so many factors to take into consideration. Your perfect colours that make you look the very best and allow YOU to shine through, your shape, and your authentic style personality and finally, appropriate dress for the event in question.

My best rule? HAVE FUN! Holiday time is a special time to be thankful for the blessings in your life and time to show love to family and friends for being a light in your world. But back to what to wear…be comfortable, be you and don’t forget to add a little bling, darling.

My warmest wishes to all of you!

Till the next pair of shoes…kylie

From "meh" to "wow"!

170222060885922752_YX8WJLEf_c_2012_12_02_15_25Having a colour consult and a closet audit is a game-changer. Seeing the shopping mistakes you've been making over the years (like owning 3 of the same sweater, all in black or the ruffle blouse you loved in store but never wear) is the first step to making smart shopping decisions and saving money in the long run. Knowing that your closet includes only the items that work for your body shape and skin tone is an amazing feeling! Technically, everything you own should go with everything else. But, getting to this point does not happen overnight. I have some great ways to "cheat" during this transition - one of which is to own a great scarf within your colour palette. It's an amazing way to take your look from drab to fab in an instant.

Till the next pair of shoes…kylie

Well Done

250864641712900952_p551Domq_c_2012_11_18_14_16I’m not a fan of shorts over tights. I’m not entirely sure why….but for me it looks….well….like the opposite of “treasure” if you know what I mean. It just does not scream classy or put-together for me at all. The exception however, might just be this look here. Cute, black leather shorts over black opaque tights (PLEASE make sure they are opaque ladies!). I LOVE this. It’s trendy and hip, casual yet a little street style dressy. I dig it. Now WHERE am I going to find the perfect pair of black leather shorts?

Till the next pair of shoes…kylie

Autumn Inspiration

AUTUMN TONESI simply want to say…Happy Autumn! It’s my colour and my favourite time of year. I actually take a lot of inspiration from this season – in both my attitude and my style! I adore the rich colours we’re seeing in design right now…earth tones, slates and metallics, deep greens, raspberry and plum. They ALL work for me. Not sure what colours bring you to life? A colour consultation is one of the best style investments you’ll make and you’ll never shop the same way again.

Till the next pair of shoes…kylie

Fashion's Night Out...

blog_2012_09_18_08_48…was simply, a blast. I was so fortunate to be part of it this year and i met a whole bunch of very capable, cool people. This was year 1 for The Toronto Eaton Centre and the turnout was magical. I was able to work with Juicy Couture, The Gap, Armani and Stuart Weitzman to pull the looks together for our models. 16 different fall looks were featured and the runway show went off without a hitch. Here's one of my favourite looks from the show...


till the next pair of shoes…kylie

Fall Showers

photo_2012_09_08_13_47Well…we need the rain. That’s the ‘silver lining’ of the situation. But, fall rain is not my favourite. Rain this time of year is typically cold, damp and very dreary. Rubber boots have come a long way so if you’re out for a casual jaunt, go ahead and “fill yer boots” as they say. The worst part about rainy days when you heading out for a dressier affair – what to do about the shoes? Leather + rain = ruined. So…I tend to turn to patent for my feet when it’s a soaker outside. These Ron White “Billie” (in eggplant) All Day Heels are the perfect wet weather choice. I’ve paired it with my rust yoga jeans and rain jacket from Banana – and I’m set! Just no puddle jumping for me today…

Till the next pair of shoes…kylie

Clean and Bright

Jessica-Szohr-in-White-Jeans_2012_06_11_12_48I am loving white jeans right now. They can be worn casual with a tee or tank and flats or they can be dressed up with a bright colour top and fitted white blazer, or a top with it's own bling (think sequins or ruffle detailing) and heels. Have fun with the daytime accessories - i'm a big fan of the chunky or pendant necklace as well as fun, bright bracelets. Be careful with the night-time look and don't overdo the accessories. I liken it to the "strong eye, nude lip" or "strong lip, nude eye" type of idea. If you've got a lot of details in the clothing, all you need is one statement accessory like a necklace, earring, bracelet or ring!

Till the next pair of shoes…kylie

Nature Inspired

Image_2012_05_26_10_53I am definitely taking my fashion inspiration from nature these days and my own backyard is no exception. Bold, bright hues - worn together - are the name of the game right now for me. It does not have to necessarily be your clothing either….don't forget there are some fabulous accessories out there in lovely brights that you can wear with jeans and a white tee to really punch up your outfit. The most important thing - have FUN with your style. Summer is the easiest time to play.

Till the next pair of shoes…kylie

A New Trick!

Image_2012_04_12_13_52So…i've not posted in awhile. That's because I've been busy shopping. This spring in stores is perhaps MEANT for me. I love the patterns and bold colour. Today I want to share a neat trick I just learned (I must credit Wendy's Lookbook….you know the scarf girl…) and I can't wait to wear it! Take any scarf you own (I chose my black and yellow Givenchy scarf which I scored at Filene's years ago for next to nothing) and take a statement ring and use it as a brooch! Fold your scarf into a triangle, flip it 3 times and then loop your ring through, tie it around your neck and you're done! A great way to give any casual outfit a touch of class!

Till the next pair of shoes…kylie

Oh What a Night!

IMG_0231_2012_03_16_12_04It's fun being in the first row at a prestigious fashion runway show. And last night was no exception when I was there with some fabulous friends to witness David Dixon's fall 2012 collection inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" -- an eerie and dark beginning which i LOVED! We're seeing such a lace and 60's revival in fashion right now and David incorporated both in his inspired collection of wearable, clean lines and classic blacks and creams. But it was the feathers that caused the crowd to applaud (the feather coat to be exact)….oh I want to get my hands on the feather rings and cuffs the models were wearing - I could go on and on. David is a Canadian talent indeed but beyond that (and yes, i'm going to name-drop here and say I've actually met him!) he is a really, really, really nice person. Which, in my books, goes an awful long way in this high-powered, ego driven fashion world.


Till the next pair of shoes….kylie