Happy One Year to Me!


I recently traveled to western Canada and one fine afternoon, this was my view. As I was reflecting, I realized - one year ago (this month) I became certified as an image consultant and jumped into a new career with two wobbly feet. Like any new challenge, I’ve had moments of clarity and a few that felt somewhat terror-like. But, encouragement from friends, family, coaches and clients has remained steadfast. I had no idea how much this new venture would contribute to my own personal growth. That came as a total surprise. My perspective towards myself, others and life in a general sense, has changed for the better. And, one year in – fun things are happening. I’ve joined an agency as their “in-house” stylist, taken on a role as VP Marketing for the board of directors of my association (AICI) starting this fall, and I’ve partnered with two coveted Toronto boutiques so that I can bring an even more customized experience for my clients. Yep, I’m one happy and grateful human being.

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie