Changing of the Seasons

IMG_1458I’ve always been really into fall. It’s my favourite time of year. I used to love the anxious anticipation I’d feel every September when I’d head back to school to see my friends. It always felt like there were many adventures awaiting me. I think I still feel it in the air every year, which I look forward to. I love the cooler nights and days requiring sweaters and even when I have to bust out my boots, I’m happy. But then … there’s also this bittersweet sadness I feel. Like saying goodbye to a camp friend you know you won’t see for a long while. Knowing you just didn’t have enough time to really say and do all you wanted to. That’s kinda how I feel about saying ‘see-ya’ to summer this year. It was really, really short. And really, really sweet – like most summers are I suppose. So, I’ll change my closets over sometime soon and trade my sandals for sorels. Soon … but not too soon … just in case ☺

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie