It's in the Details

Grasie198-008I love everything about this look. Like, EH-VREE-THING. The hair, the lipstick, the rings, the bag, the shades, the statement necklace … the SHOES. OMG. Super cute. What I love is that it’s a casual look but it’s so put together that you know she cares enough to take the time. After all, when you peel it all back – that’s really the goal isn’t it? When you see someone who’s a little on the sloppy side, it says, “I don’t care”. When you see someone who’s put thought into the details, it screams, “I feel good about myself”. Try it – I promise you, without fail – if you are looking great on the outside, you are most likely feeling fantastic on the inside. And the beauty is – it goes both ways.

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie

Photo courtesy of Grasie Mercedes