How to make it work for you

5c1103091dfca06f0c57026959042afc_2013_02_04_15_38We are seeing a lot of nautical in the stores for spring 2013. Now let’s be clear. I am NOT a fan of sailing (unless there is a full crew operating the boat) but I am a BIG fan of this look. If you’re like me and want to try it – but don’t want to look like you’re heading for the boat … add another pop of colour to the theme. My favourite is red (think scarf, shoe, skinny belt) but you could do yellow, coral, purple, neon … the list goes on. Another fun way to make the look work would be to add another pattern in the same nautical colours (think paisley, polka dots) and in a piece that you can remove if you’re not feeling it, like a jacket or scarf. Remember my number one rule – have fun with it!

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie