The New ‘Classic’ Jacket

Tangerine-2-433x650I have very often heard clients say, “I would never wear that”. This is especially true when women are looking at expanding their professional wardrobe. Suits and blazers are typically found in black, gray or a deep neutral, like chocolate. In many corporate cultures, these deep shades make the mandatory “power suit”. However, in more creative and casual workplaces, there is opportunity to wear some colour while presenting yourself as being a ‘professional’. I love this coral jacket as an example. Paired with all white, it’s a stunning look. I also love how she’s tied the navy tote to the navy polka dots found in the top. A jacket like this is also very versatile - for work, wear it with all black. For play, add dark denim, a white tee and a statement necklace. Or a light coloured capri pant and a summer scarf. The possibilities are endless!

Till the next pair of shoes … kylie

Photo courtesy of Wendy’s Lookbook