Rainy Day Style

rainy-day-wedding_rain-bootsSo summer is here and yet I can count on one hand the number of steamy, sweaty, lazy (happy!) days we’ve been able to enjoy. The grass is greener and gardens are smiling as a result of all the wet weather that’s come our way so far this season, but the constant rain tends to drench the summer spirit a little. So, if you have to venture out - how can you keep your sense of style and avoid puddles? Invest in a great pair of rubber boots – brands like Hunter are functional and fashionable and even comfortable! Buy a super cute umbrella, something with a pattern or some colour – boutiques like Trove have some fun ones. Trust me, you will just feel cuter under a cover with some personality vs. typical black. You can wear a light raincoat or jacket but it's not needed. Instead, opt for a lightweight summer scarf and then you're good to go – rain or shine.

Till the next pair of shoes (boots?) … kylie