Dress … for Spring



Spring has arrived in stores … but not outside. It’s extremely difficult to start thinking about dresses, bare legs and sandals when any exposed skin could lead to trouble out there.

But, eventually, spring will come. And the number one question I will likely get asked is, “What’s my perfect dress and how the heck will I know?”

There are some main things to consider if you are out on your own, searching for the right one for you. Colour is BIG. It deserves it’s own line.


If you buy a dress in the wrong colour(s) for you, the cut, fit, and fabric – won’t matter much. The dress will be wearing you instead of you wearing the dress.

So if you can’t find a dress in your perfect colours (depending on the ‘it’ colour of the season or what happens to be in stores) then make sure the colours near your face are correct. Sometimes you can cheat this with jewelry or another accessory like a scarf.

The fit is next. Buy good quality and befriend a good tailor should you need one.

Pay attention to the cut of the dress, the fabric and the smaller details. Are there any lines? Do they work for your shape? Does the fabric complement what the cut of the dress is doing? These are all important things to consider.

So to break it down by shape, there are some good examples of dresses that work more often than not. Here are a few:

The Boy Figure (or H … or straight …)

There are a lot of names for this shape. Basically your shoulders, waist and hips are pretty in line with each other and so to the ‘eye’ you are considered ‘straight’. You could also be considered athletic and broader in the shoulders. Look for details in a dress that draw the eye up and out, like this stunner.

The Hourglass

Channeling Marilyn Monroe. You are curvy (and sometimes busty ) which means your bust and hips are the same and your waist is smaller. You want to look for cuts and fabrics that follow this curvy shape. A wrap dress is great on this shape and a V-neck draws the eye up to the face. Pattern play is fun on this body shape.

A Shape, or Pear

Since you have a smaller torso and are larger in the hips, you want fabrics that flare off your lower curves and emphasize the torso. A line dresses are fabulous in a fun pop of colour.

What’s your shape? Have you found the dress that works for you? I’d love to hear from you!

Till the next … snowfall.