How to style the statement necklace (SN)

Sick-Day-2-650x433Love. The. Statement. Necklace.

I am always trying to find new ways to wear it and lately one of my favourites is with a blouse buttoned right to the top with the statement necklace peaking under the collar. So fun.

There are so many ways to wear it and many unique ways to be creative. I often hear clients and even some friends say “I don’t know how to accessorize” or, “I could never wear chunky jewelry because I just don’t know how to style it”.

Well, if you see photos or other women rockin’ the look and wish you could too, it’s really easier than you think. It’s not always dressy, but when it is – it’s all you need. Here are a few ways to style the statement necklace (SN):

The Tank top + SN Multi Colored Neon Statement Necklace DIY Neon Necklace

The White Tee + SN celine

The Collared Shirt + SN necklace1

The LBD + SN LBD-style-blog_2

And my #1 rule … I’ll say it again … make it your own and have fun with it! There are really no rules.