Is shopping more fun when there are deals to be had?

shoppingIn a word: Yes. And in a word: No.

I have not met anyone who does not like a good sale. I have met plenty of people who hate to shop (I might not have a business if everyone loved to shop) but when there are sales – meaning your money goes farther and you can get more stuff – it can mean there are more … people. Who are also shopping. And when there are more people the stores can be messy and chaotic and noisy and there are long lines … you get my drift.

This is not how I like to shop.

I like calm, organized and quiet. But I digress.

I am heading to the US for BLACK FRIDAY. I went last year and although I did find some good deals I also only lasted for 3 hours – for all the reasons I mentioned above. This year, my list is quite short so I am hopeful to find what I’m looking for and be done with it. After-all, I’ll need this time for poolside and happy hour.

The good news is, Canada has kind of jumped on this US holiday from a retail perspective. Besides boxing day, we don’t really have a ‘bargain’ shopping day that can compare to our southern friends. (In some parts, black Friday is a downright dangerous event so be warned.) Starting next week, some stores will be offering deals upwards of 30-40% on select days and this is a nice way for them to gain a head-start pushing holiday items for gift buying as well. If you love to shop online, the deals are even sweeter.

Shopping for a fun holiday maxi dress? Find it here for up to 60% off. Colourful bulky sweaters that are all the rage? Starting tomorrow, Forever 21 has some pretty sweet deals. Even locations like HR will have some nice discounted items like these street style looks, if you're willing to hunt.

So get out there! Have some fun and score some deals or start tackling your Christmas gift list. Need some help? You know who to call…

On that note – watch for an AMAZING Holiday offer from moi coming next week!

Happy shopping.