Pretty in Pastels

guess-colored-denim-pastels-spring-2013-1_2013_04_11_14_35Pastels are not always easy to wear. It’s difficult to incorporate this trend into your existing wardrobe, especially if you’re on the classic, “love your neutrals” side of the coin. But they are so pretty! And, there is lots of it in stores this spring. Some very important things to remember about soft lavendar, minty green, peachy rose and baby pink is NOT to wear it head to toe (unless you’re one of those go for it trendies) but instead to layer it with what you already have. Buy a statement necklace or fun garden earrings in a pastel and bring it into your accessories. Or add a soft touch of colour in a belt with a neutral outfit (think capris and tee’s). Or just go for it and get a soft coloured jean. They are going to look STELLAR with tanned legs, a soft pedi & sandal.

Go be pretty!

Till the next pair of shoes …


Photo courtesy of Guess