Sean: A Remarkable Guy That Looked Unremarkable

Sean is a single male, living in downtown Toronto and working as a copywriter in a creative environment. He is social and very personally aware of connections and networking. He came to work with us through a female friend who really wanted him to experience the power of personal style and see him “up his game”.

The Problem: Looking Like an Average, Unremarkable Guy

Sean didn't feel confident or energized when he was out connecting with other people. He presented himself as unremarkable in baggy jeans, T-Shirts and Hoodies. He didn’t really feel like he was standing out or that he was even approachable. He believed he could have a better sense of style, but just didn't know how.  He had beliefs around his body image that were not necessarily what others (including us!) were seeing - and he used larger clothes to hide his body.

The Program

One Shopping Session: We met up with Sean at the mall and were excited to find out how open he was to exploring his personal style and developing a wardrobe around it.

Like many men, Sean was hesitant around shopping and came to hate the experience of shopping. He wasn't sure what fit him, and didn't know what things he could try on in order to create a more polished and mature look. We focused on educating Sean around proper fit, as well as some great ideas for how he could combine his youthful attitude with a professional look.  

The Result

Once we put Sean into clothes that properly fit, it was as though he had a new body! He admitted to us that he saw himself as someone who was overweight - but with properly fitting clothes, he actually appeared to have a strong and confident presence. We could see Sean's self-image changing as he saw himself in the mirror, and saw a man that he had not seen before.

After working with us, Sean immediately started receiving compliments from co-workers and was surprised at the amount of attention he was getting from women. The day after working with us, he decided to join the gym - something he had been putting off for ages. He now has a simple go-to style that is classy, fun and casual. At a recent event where we bumped into him, he was clearly rocking his new style and the level of comfort and confidence that he was exhibiting was impressive.

In Sean's Words


"It's truly amazing when the thing you hate to do the most becomes one of your favourite experiences. Shopping with Kylie & Jonathan not only changed the way I looked at clothes and style, but changed the way I looked at myself. Every second they were there for me with incredible advice, knowledgeable tips, and awesome style choices. The attention I'm now getting from women is amazing, and the compliments I'm receiving from coworkers is keeping me from getting my work done...literally!"