Dana: "Hand-Me Downs" Weren't Working

Dana is a bright, energetic, strong, and passionate woman currently transitioning her career in a pharmaceutical sales job to starting her own business as a leadership coach, consultant and workshop facilitator. She has a full schedule and travels frequently.

The Problem: Lacking Confidence in Finding the Best Clothes For Her

Dana was in a vicious cycle of bad buying behaviour. She was wasting money buying numerous items on sale that didn't work for her and were low quality. She also had "hand-me downs" from friends which were not suiting her personality, resulting in an overflowing closet with clothes she rarely wore. Dana confessed to us that she always bought cheap clothes (even though she was a successful sales person) because she feared wasting money on clothes because she felt unsure about the investment. Dana compared herself to other women, and didn't feel that she was as well put together. 

The Program

Closet Clean Out: We started by clearing out the clutter in Dana's wardrobe. While a few clothes were still okay for her, the holes left in her closet created some anxiety for Dana. 

2 Shopping Sessions: We immediately took Dana shopping to begin providing the pieces that she needed to have a functioning wardrobe, and ease her concerns about what to wear.

Wardrobe Building Session: Once we had new pieces for Dana to work with, we began putting together outfits for her, and showing her the power of mixing her clothes to create numerous different looks. 

A big piece for Dana was showing her how to dress for her body type and support her desire to be a strong, professional woman who is also feminine and fun - an important part of Dana's personality. 

The Results

Dana learned that she was dressing in colours way too dark for her, and had too much black in her wardrobe for someone with her vibrant, warm complexion and bubbly personality. We introduced more patterns and textures in her wardrobe, with fits that created feminine and sensual silhouettes that remained professional. With her closet size reduced and a greater understanding of what to look for when building her wardrobe, Dana significantly increased the power and liveliness of her presence, which lead to opportunities to secure new clients within days of working with us. 

In Dana's Words

"Many, many thanks! I am so grateful for your expertise and advice - it was worth the investment! You made each step fun and enjoyable, and were completely supportive of my choices, while offering your advice, without any pressure. Working with you was exactly what I was looking for, enabling me to purge my closet and understand how to confidently build my wardrobe. Your service has empowered me and I am now clear on what works for me. Thank you so much!"