Kevin: Old Clothes That Didn't Fit His New Career

Kevin recently started his own business in marketing and branding as a Story Architect, helping business owners craft their marketing story. He is often attending conferences, networking events, and giving workshops to entrepreneurs about the importance of having a compelling story.

The Problem: Old Clothes That Didn't Fit His New Career

As a new entrepreneur, Kevin stepped out from behind his desk in the corporate world and was now meeting with potential clients and giving talks. Kevin's closet contained old clothes that had accumulated over the years, and due to fluctuating weight, many didn't even fit. His professional wardrobe consisted of suits and shirts that were too big for him, giving him a sloppy look that didn't match the intelligence, freshness, or expertise he was seeking to bring to his clients.

The Program

Closet Clean Out: We started in Kevin's closet to determine the current state of his wardrobe. We quickly filtered out clothes that didn't fit or looked dated.

2 Shopping Sessions: We then took Kevin on two shopping sessions, helping him understand how to identify 'fit' more clearly, and re-design his professional wardrobe.

A big piece for Kevin was understanding the proper fit of clothes for his body, and recognizing that the sizing carried in many stores weren't ideal for him. We shed light on why his shopping experiences were frustrating and taught him to not compromise when it came to the fit of his clothes. With some basics covered (pants, shirts), he decided to augment his wardrobe with custom suiting to add extra refinement for important events.

The Results

Kevin has noticed being paid significantly more attention when he attends trade shows, conferences and networking events. He feels more confident, and has received numerous compliments on his appearance, as well as had sales conversations start as a result of how he's dressed. 

In Kevin's Words

"After working with Kylie & Jonathan, I felt really confident about my new ability to use my style as a selling tool...and also a little bit angry that no one had taught me these skills before in my entire sales career! Now when I’m at events and conferences I have people coming up to me because of how I’m dressed and presenting myself! I even secured two deals at a recent conference in large part because of how I was able to present myself, and how confident I felt based on what I was wearing!"