Marigrace: A Room Full of Clothes

Marigrace is a new business owner who has developed her love for jewellery design into a business. She is looking for new opportunities to connect with other women and to speak at events on the subject of female entrepreneurship.

The Problem: A Room Full of Clothes

Marigrace was looking for reassurance that she was projecting her most authentic self through her style and level of confidence. As a creative individual who was receiving opportunities to speak, she wanted to make sure she came across as credible and professional. She felt that she was not being taken seriously enough and we could easily see from her clothing choices that she was coming across as frumpy and very girly - which wasn't serving her well when looking for opportunities to speak to business women.

We also discovered that Marigrace's closet was quite literally full of clothes leaving her feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about what she even owned. She was also in the habit of shopping spontaneously and purchasing clothes that she liked in the moment - which only added to her problem of being overwhelmed about what to wear.

The Program

Shopping Session: Since Marigrace was looking to create a professional wardrobe, we started by taking her shopping and showing her how to express her creative self, while still remaining professional.

Wardrobe Building: Once Marigrace had some new clothes that would server her professional goals, we helped her sort through her existing wardrobe, and focused on creating go-to outfits that she could use for speaking engagements. 

Marigrace had already developed her own sense of style as a creative individual, but it needed to be refined. She was making some mistakes that were compromising her confidence and professionalism. With a few body image issues, she was hiding herself behind clothes that lacked shape, and were excessively patterned and frilly - also part of her desire to express her creative side. By getting her into clothes that were more form fitting and structured, Marigrace was able to create looks that were mature, feminine and professional. Pairing patterns with other simpler items gave her a more polished look - and enabled her clothes to really highlight her jewellery.

The Results

Marigrace immediately projected a well put together image after working with us - and people noticed! At events she was attending, people assumed that she was the speaker for the evening, even if she wasn't. She found that mingling with people became easier, and feeling more confident allowed her to pursue potential connections that came up at networking events. 

In Marigrace's Words

"I reached out to Kylie & Jonathan because I have several upcoming speaking engagements and wanted to make sure I looked my best. Finding out what fits were most flattering for me was a big help, as well as advice on how to merge my fun, creative personality with a more professional look. 

I attended an event last night and was amazed at how many positive connections came about because of what I was wearing! I reconnected with a colleague from the past who told me that I was looking like a really confident entrepreneur; another person thought I was one of the speakers at the event; and I connected with a store owner who was interested in carrying my jewelry!

Little details do count!"