Tracy: A Boring Wardrobe For A Vibrant Personality

Tracy is an energetic, outgoing, adventurous woman. As a graphic designer, she spends a lot of her time expressing her creativity and pursuing her passions, such as scuba diving, and african drumming. With an upcoming birthday celebration, Tracy approached us to help her look and feel her best. As a single mom who's children are now entering their university years, Tracy has decided that she would like to spend some time dating and looking for a new relationship. Despite feeling somewhat lonely, Tracy is hesitant about taking the first steps to meeting someone and experiences some fear around putting herself out there after years of marriage.

The Problem: A Boring Wardrobe For A Vibrant Person

Tracy isn’t living up to her full potential when presenting herself as a single woman. She has feelings of self doubt and this is reflected in her clothing. Tracy's wardrobe is inconsistent, and largely boring, consisting of solid colours. Despite her creative personality, and her outgoing energy, she doesn't come across well put together - and she can feel it. Rather than feeling great about herself - as she should - Tracy has feelings of insecurity that prevent her from going after what she wants in her life. This puts her (and keeps her) in the low energy of wanting something new in her life and not being able to achieve a goal. 

The Program

One Shopping Session: Tracy was nervous about meeting with us because she felt vulnerable and had some insecurities around her body - like many people do. We quickly dove into experimenting with new clothing ideas she had never tried before, focusing on having fun and raising Tracy's energy. 

The Result

An important part of working with Tracy was helping her to see the confident and beautiful woman that she is and show her how her current way of dressing was undermining that confidence and beauty. Like with many of our clients, we focused in on proper fit that showed off her figure, and used patterns to showcase her creative and expressive personality. Over the course of our 2 hour shopping session with Tracy, she became visibly more energetic and vibrant as the outfits we built for her aligned authentically with her personality. The next day, everyone noticed the dramatic difference in Tracy's appearance and the positive feedback that she received came as a major confidence boost.

In Tracy's Words


"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you once again for an amazing experience! I feel like a new woman!

My weekend birthday bash was a blast and I got rave reviews...All the girls were impressed with my newfound level of HOT. And today at work, everyone was super impressed with my new outfit. One of the girls said "OMG...I've never seen you look so hot!" So, I just want to say: You guys are awesome!!

The success was about more than just picking out new clothes. I was particularly impressed with the care and attention you paid to my personality and my needs. You both really dug deep to understand the woman I am, and the woman I want to be – you have no idea how much of an impact you have had on my life in that respect. The level of confidence, the new attitude about my self-image – it’s truly amazing."