Spice Up Your Socks Life

Feeling bored with your socks life? Check out these tips we wrote for King x Portland to spice things up!

There’s a good chance you’re pulling  socks out of the drawer that you’ve had for a number of years, washed a thousand times, and are about as interesting as, well, an old pair of socks.

If you think about it, everyday of your life, you’re putting on socks (Ok, maybe this doesn’t apply to our Californian friends!).  But have you ever really stopped to consider the important supporting role your socks play in your entire outfit?  Are you trying to tell the world that you’ve given up and just can’t be bothered anymore? That’s no way to live! If you’re aspiring to be the best version of yourself possible, then you really can’t be wearing such nondescript socks on your feet.

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