Don't Sweat The Small Stuff: Nudy Patooty Review

The minute I received an email from Nudy Patooty Founder, Michelle Shemilt, I was intrigued. Admittedly “Nudy” in the subject line had me raise an eyebrow, I clicked (way to go, Michelle!). Her lovely note introducing herself and her story and asking that we consider trying and sharing her product had us checking out what this Nudy Patooty was all about.

Michelle Shemilt,  Founder of Nudy Patooty

Michelle Shemilt, Founder of Nudy Patooty

Michelle’s inspiration came when she realized she was not wearing her favourite, expensive clothing items to work because she wanted to avoid excessive dry cleaning bills. Sound familiar? When she began talking with colleagues and searching for a solution to sweat stains on clothing (caused by those nasty deodorant and antiperspirant products), there was none.

Here’s where we got excited. Michelle is THAT girl who saw a need in the marketplace and developed a solution herself. Our kind of people! So Jonathan and I met with her and chatted all about her background, her new business venture and what her goals are for Nudy Patooty going forward. Made right in Toronto, this was a brand we could see getting into, and so, I kinda did.

Nudy Patooty Vs The Toronto Summer

When my Nudy Patooty arrived in the mail, I was impressed.

The packaging was inviting and clear, explaining the product, how to wear it and even how to clean and care for it. There was a personalized note to me, thanking me for trying the product and asking that I please share the feedback. Awesome! I was anxious to try.

But, full disclosure - Toronto had been in a heat wave, which means “insta-sweat” after 2 minutes of being outside. I didn’t think the idea of adding an extra layer of clothing made sense. After-all, the product promises wicking of moisture which I’m totally down with, but the only extra layers I’d ever worn to wick sweat were my merino long johns when I downhill ski ... in the winter. And, that I get.

But Nudy-Patooty surprised me.

On a particularly hot day this past week, I wore my Nudy under a tee and was pleased at how comfortable the fabric was, which is no surprise given the premium organic bamboo fabric Nudy Patooty uses across their whole collection. The fabric breathes naturally, and I didn’t feel constricted or extra hot at all!

Sweat Happens

“Sweat Happens, we’ve got you covered”, is Michelle’s promise and it’s true. The site even hosts a video explaining the ‘sweat-secret’ technology in the product. At the end of my 8 hours wearing the Nudy Patooty under my tee, I was shocked that neither item had any trace of sweat or odour. Amazing!

A Style for Everyone

Of course, with my love for everything style, I was very happy to see that Nudy Patooty has numerous styles of shirts, as well as colours. Their collection includes cap-sleeve tees in white, black and nude as well as ¾’ sleeves and a crop length for summer. They have a super cute cap sleeve tee with lace trim that I couldn’t resist ordering. They have regular tanks, without the sweat-secret technology, which feel amazing. Since I replace my white tees and tanks every summer, I am happy to know about Nudy Patooty’s affordable line which, after the click of a button, arrived in the mail to my home in a few days.

Another bonus.

So bottom line is if you’re like me and have tried every deodorant on the market known to man and STILL find your clothing items staining or needing frequent washing, this is a great product.

The Nudy Patooty website also has helpful tips and tricks around caring for clothing as well as a blog with some interesting articles and thoughts.

I can really see this being an amazing solution for the working woman who is busy running around and doesn’t really want to fuss or worry about twice-monthly trips to the dry-cleaner. Save your time and money and try a Nudy Patooty!