Can The Wrong Shoes Ruin Your Dating Life?

Cool For the gym or shooting some hoops with the boys. Not so cool for an evening date with an attractive woman.

Cool For the gym or shooting some hoops with the boys. Not so cool for an evening date with an attractive woman.

Have you ever wondered whether looks mattered when dating? Or wished that you could turn heads so you can get the attention you want?

During a podcast interview we did a little while ago with Kevin from Nice Guy Dating, we shared the story of a guy (let's call him Joe) who's first date went nowhere because he decided to wear a bad pair of running shoes that night.

A friend of ours met up with a guy for a date, who initially seemed like a decent guy, and was dressed ok...until she noticed he was wearing running shoes. Those shoes were an instant turn off for our friend, and there was no second date with Joe.

We know - it's not fair.

Joe was probably a Nice Guy, maybe he had a decent job, had some interesting hobbies, maybe he was even working on his game and could hold a good, attractive conversation. The problem was, in the eyes of his date, Joe lost his chance before he even introduced himself.

Talk about getting off on the wrong foot.

And here's the real kick in the pants: Joe doesn't even know. He may have had a chance at a great evening with this woman, or chances at great evenings with a lot of women, but he keeps striking out. He doesn't know why, and he'll be lucky if someone tells him.     

Are You In Her Picture?

Don't be camera shy.

Don't be camera shy.

On a date, a woman is ultimately asking herself "Can I see myself with this guy?" While there are certainly lots of factors when dating (like your online game, conversation skills, and ability to create sexual attraction), you're winning right from the start if you make it easy for her to say "Yes!".

Wouldn't you rather have women be instantly interested and curious rather than skeptical and dismissive? It's the difference between trying to bang down a closed door - or finding the door unlocked and open.

The Difference was in the Clothes

A simple transformation: fitted clothes with a dash of colour and pattern.

A simple transformation: fitted clothes with a dash of colour and pattern.

Sean (a recent client of ours) is your average Nice Guy. He even has a few strikes against him: he's on the short side, his hair has started to thin, and he doesn't exactly have an Adonis body. But he's a good guy, has a good job, he's smart - and he's been putting himself out there.

Six months after working with Sean, we bumped into him at a party. We noticed him effortlessly schmoozing with a few women and it looked like he was having a fantastic time. When he saw us, he immediately came over and said, "Guys! I am getting so much attention from women's unreal! I am literally distracted I'm getting so many compliments!"

Wow. That's the power of personal style!

Sean is still the same guy that we met six months ago. He doesn't have any fancy game, he didn't get ripped, and he didn't get a new job or find himself suddenly wealthy. The only difference was in his clothes.  

The Right Foot

See the difference between these and running shoes?

See the difference between these and running shoes?

The good news is that, just like Sean, getting style to work for you is easy - once you know how. And it's the easiest thing you can tweak that will make a MASSIVE difference in the results of your dating life. 

It all starts with a shift in your thinking: you need to realize that clothes send a message to your dates - and to yourself. If your clothes aren't sending the right message, then simply put, you're shooting yourself in the foot. 

As experts on image and style, we want YOU to experience what Sean did. We want you to find out how good it feels to be noticed by women, to receive compliments from women, to carry yourself with confidence, and to know that the first thing women think when you walk in a room is: "Who is that?"

Forget being invisible, it's time to stand out. It's time to stop being Joe Schmoe and start tapping into your inner James Bond. In our next post, we'll get you started with the 10 Must Have Clothing Items needed for a Nice Guy to Rock His Dates.


If you have a habit of wearing running shoes when going out on dates, it really is time to stop that. Kylie & Jonathan want you to discover the power of personal style in your dating life and a good place to start is with those running shoes. For help figuring out what shoes will work best for you, let us know.