Working With Kylie & Jonathan


What Does My Session with Kylie and Jonathan involve?

Our personal style sessions are designed to get at the most important part of clothes and style - YOU.

We start the whole process off with an online questionnaire in order to get a picture of who you are and what you're looking for.

We will be actively listening to your questions, concerns, and asking you questions about your personality, lifestyel, career and goals so that we can best help you create the wardrobe that will suit you and your life.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO JUDGEMENT HERE. We've seen a lot of things with all of our clients, and there's a good chance that you have the exact same habits that we've seen before when it comes to your clothes.

Whether we're coming to your home to work in your closet, or meeting you at the mall we'll take a bit of time to settle in, chat, find out where you are at and then get to work.

All of our sessions are 2 hours long

For a closet session, we'll be getting your clothes out of your closet, sorting them - and you'll be trying them on to find out what's really going on.

For a shopping session, we'll meet you at the mall, head to 2 - 3 stores that are appropriate for you. We'll do some browsing with you, and then while you focus on trying on different clothes, we'll focus on bringing the clothes to you. You'll never have to leave the change room.

How Should I prepare for my appointment?

Now that you've started thinking about your clothes, your mind may be actively evaluating what you own, how you feel, and what you envision for yourself. Let your thoughts percolate. Anything you notice, any questions you have, we will be happy to discuss. We want to know everything you're thinking about with your clothes so we can help you really move forward in this area of your life!

How Does Payment Work?

We require payment in full before our single sessions. For our packages, we accept payment in full or 3 payments over 3 months.

Is there a Cancellation Policy?

Yes. We're happy to accommodate scheduling changes, but require 48 hours notice. In the event of last minute cancellations, we charge a $50 cancellation fee.  

Can I bring a friend or family member with me?

We don't generally recommend that you do. This really is time for YOU. Time that we want to honour helping you discover your personal style - without the influence or criticisms of other people. We consider the process of discovering your style personal, and almost sacred, and taking time to 

What should I wear to my appointment?

Dress comfortably with clothes that are easy to take on or off, minimal layers.

Wear light makeup

For women, wear a neutral tank or cami to make changing quick and easy.

Bring a pair of heels or dress shoes that you wear regularly.