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8 Tips to Get You Rocking and Rolling

Addressing your relationship with clothes can feel overwhelming. There is so much advice on blogs and in magazines, so many trends on Pinterest boards - and so many stores. But there can be a lot of subtle and personal reasons that may be holding you back from really rocking your wardrobe.

Based on our experience with clients, we've noticed several attitudes that get in the way of fully experiencing the power of clothes. We want you to avoid those negative attitudes so that you can transform your relationship with clothes immediately. And if you want personalized help with your clothes, you can contact us using the form below.

1.Your body is never the problem.

When clothes don't fit you properly, or a look you really love just doesn't work on you, do you blame yourself? We've noticed a tendency in our clients to blame themselves and their bodies when something they try on doesn't work. When shopping is a reminder that you're not good enough and that there is something wrong with you, that's a good reason to avoid shopping all together.

The problem is with the clothes - and not you or your body. It’s not personal, so don’t make it personal.

If that's you, we're here to tell you that THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR BODY. Manufacturers have to generalize the cuts and shapes of their clothes to "average" bodies because they are mass producing clothes. Trends and looks are put together in magazines and on mannequins to showcase products in the best light. None of these activities are done with you specifically in mind. 

That means the problem is with the clothes - and not you or your body. It's not personal, so don't make it personal.

If you're trying clothes that don't fit properly, or for a look that's just not working, break it down objectively. Accept that the "fit" of a certain store is not for you and move on, or that you need to adapt the essence of a look to work for you, rather than copying it directly.

2. Your clothes serve you - not the other way around.

When you look at your clothes, focus on getting items that serve YOU and YOUR purposes.

Remember that clothes are for you.

In a way, clothes are like helpful friends that are meant to support you in your life. They protect your body from the elements and keep you warm - or help you stay cool. They allow you to express your personality, beliefs, and status to other people around you. They let you speak, without having to use words. And that's why clothes can be powerful allies in your life.

When you have a closet full of clothes you never wear, when you spontaneously buy the latest trends, shop to make yourself feel better, or avoid shopping and buy the cheapest stuff you can - you're turning your clothes into an enemy that you have to tolerate.

Clothes are meant to support you and make your life easier, more comfortable and more vibrant. When you look at your clothes, focus on getting things that serve you and your purposes. Every piece of clothing you have that doesn't - toss it. When you're looking at buying something new, really ask where it fits in your wardrobe. Just like life is too short for negative friends, life is too short for clothes that waste your time and waste your energy.

3. Build outfits instead of wearing clothes.

People with style don’t just wear clothes, they build outfits.

The difference between people who have style, and people who don't is that people with style don't just wear clothes - they build outfits. They think about the relationship between each of their clothing items, they think about how they want to feel for the day, and have experimented with what works for them and how they are going to bring everything together.

Most people put on clothes in a random, unconscious way. They put on the cleanest pants they have, pull a shirt out of the laundry basket and then put on their favourite shoes. They have a closet full of clothes that don't work cohesively, so they can't mix-and-match effectively. Their overall daily look is not well thought out, or even coordinated. That can create stress, and the feeling that they have "nothing to wear" - even though they have a closet full of clothes.

Instead, think about building outfits by starting with one clothing item you want to wear, and then add a second clothing item that will work with it, then the another, and another...until you have a full outfit that is well thought out.

If you take this approach every morning, your will quickly develop a sense of effortless style, and drastically reduce the amount of stress in your daily life.  

4. Forget the numbers. Focus on the fit and look.

You can look and feel fabulous whether you are a “0” or a “12”. The numbers really don’t matter.

Just like blaming your body, focusing on the number of a clothing item is not worth your time. Numbers are an arbitrary categorization of measurements, but in no way reflect anything about the women wearing them. And yet, so many of our clients, lament the days they used to be a "0" or a "2", but now are a "6" or a "10". We once met a woman who wore her size "8" clothes, even though painful, because she thought the discomfort would encourage her to lose weight to get back to that size.

You are not a number. You are a person with a name, a personality, family, friends, goals, dreams, desires...and a unique body.

Instead of numbers, focus on the fit and look of the clothes you wear. Focus on the quality and whether the clothes make you feel great. That is the whole point.

We have shopped with women from size "0" to size "14" and above. Take it from us: You can look and feel fabulous whatever your number is.

5. Stop hiding. Show off your figure.

The most common issue we see with our clients is that they wear clothes that are one size too big for them. We have yet to meet a client that buys clothes one size too small. Many clients feel uncertain about their bodies and attempt to hide their bodies by wearing clothes that are too big.

There is always a way to turn a “fat belly” that you feel insecure about into “gorgeous curves” that feel sexy.

The truth is, it never works.

Frumpiness, dumpiness, and sloppiness are all words that are directly associated with wearing clothes that are too big. And those are not words that describe a woman with style, elegance and grace.

You never need to hide your body or be ashamed of it's shape. You need to dress it well and learn how show off your figure in ways that look good and feel good to you. There is always a way to turn a "fat belly" that you feel insecure about into "gorgeous curves" that feel sexy. 

Ignore the media campaigns and advertisements that allude to ideas of the ideal female body and embrace your own. When you figure out how to dress it well, it will look good, no matter what shape it is.

6. Trust your instinct - but be willing to expand and question it.

Sometimes you just know that something doesn't work for you. And that's good - the odds are your instinct is right. Never buy something that feels wrong just because someone else says they love how it looks or that it's the hottest thing right now. 

Be willing to experiment. The truth is that your style can be alive and dynamic if you spend some time trying new things.

However, sometimes your "instinct" is actually fear in disguise.

You never wear patterns, you only wear black, or your look hasn't changed in years. You see some great outfits in magazines, but you quickly dismiss that they would work for you. This kind of thinking is being stuck in a rut, and it leads to feeling blah about your clothes, and ultimately about yourself.

Be willing to experiment. The truth is that your style can be alive and dynamic if you spend some time trying new things. 

There are obvious things that don't work, but it's those grey areas that you need to get clear about. For example, while you may not wear the same clothes as when you were do you still convey that same energy and sexiness now that you're a 40-something mother of 2?

 Use your eyes, use your gut, and use your head to discover what always feels fresh to you. 

7. Ignore trends and explore your authentic style.

Think about your style as a journey toward being authentically you, everyday.

Trends really do come and go.

Being trendy doesn't hurt, but having style goes much deeper. When you discover your authentic style, you can use a trend, or ignore it if you choose to. But you're not locked into a cycle of "what's in" and "what's out". 

Authentic style truly is timeless and can shift and change with the times, but underneath, remains the same vibrant, creative expression of who you are.

Shift your thinking from perfection and trends, and instead think about your style as a journey towards being authentically you, everyday.

8. Never settle. Always elevate.

Always think about elevating yourself. Always be “dressing up”.

Consider implementing a "Hell Ya!" or "No" rule.

Unless a clothing item is a "Hell Ya!", don't buy it. It doesn't matter how cheap it is, or that buying 5 different colours seems like a practical decision to expand your wardrobe, or that the salesperson or friend absolutely loves it.

Be picky when it comes to the questions of "Do I really have a need for this item?" or "Does this item really make me feel amazing?". If the answer is no, don't waste your money. 

If you are unsure, walk away. It's not worth having a cluttered closet with "meh" clothes. You're going to have a "meh" look.

Instead, always think about elevating yourself. Always be "dressing up". When shopping, only buy clothes that will enhance your existing wardrobe, or upgrade your so-so clothes into "Hell Ya!" clothes.

When your closet only contains fabulous clothing items - guess what? It will be easy to look fabulous everyday.

Rocking Out

The thing about Rock Stars, is that they are always standing out and they are always attracting attention. While that may feel uncomfortable at first, get used to that feeling and overcome it. It can be uncomfortable looking fantastic, and other people can feel intimidated by you. But when fear keeps you from wanting to be seen, you will blend in as boring and drab.

Face your fears and focus on being the best, most beautiful YOU, and you will naturally stand out as a woman who Rocks Her World.


To get help discovering your authentic style, we're here for you. Style isn't a magical talent only possessed by a select few. It's a skill that you can learn and apply in your own life with a little bit of understanding and experimenting. 

Fill out the form below, and as a strong, powerful, and capable FallFit Woman, we'll help you get started with 10% off of any of our services this fall.