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Kylie not only changed the way I looked at clothes and style, but changed the way I looked at myself.
— Sean B. | Creative Writer

Kylie's clients share the experience of working on their personal style.

That’s the power of personal style. It’s a visual way for people to gain permission to engage with you. If this piece is lacking then you are very likely missing opportunities to have meaningful connections with others.

And you will never know it.

Style Is A Gateway to Wellness.

The clothes you wear everyday can have a huge impact on how you see yourself, how others see you and how you will feel in your life.

Many years ago I went through an exercise to find a desire map for my life. You might be thinking: "What the heck is a desire map for your life"?

It's a word or a sentence that embodies how you want to FEEL in your life, all the time.  

I came up with many; positive, alive, light, free, beautiful, confident, loved (and just for existing!). But as soon as I landed on 'turned-on', I was like ... YES. That's it. 


Every interaction, experience, decision and goal I set came with the intention of feeling "turned-on". Feeling jacked about everything became my mission.

And it has worked. Because for a long time I had allowed external experiences to dictate the level of happiness I would feel. Then I realized, the way we FEEL and SHOW UP in our experiences dictates whether those experiences will be negative, positive or … really amazing! What we put forward attracts everything that comes our way. So, rather than things happening to me, I can create what the “happen” will actually look like.

This is where clothing and style has been profound and instrumental in the creation of my life. It's opened many doors for conversation but most importantly - it's an extension of my personality that I present to others right away. I am always in control of it and there’s no hiding, which means I can connect with people quickly and authentically.

Here's another way to explain this. Have you ever noticed a very stylish and put-together person at an event, at a café, at the airport, in the elevator or walking down the street? Chances are, you may become curious about them. You might even think, "I would like to talk with them and know them". 

What if that person was you?

This is the power of personal style.

Everyone Knows That Looks Matter.

But it's often something we don't talk about, and something many people experience stress around when it comes to interviews, social events, dating, shopping...and their closets.

Whether it's in the workplace, or in your personal life, how you dress can be the difference between success and failure. While you may be an awesome person worthy of a great job and rich social life - you may be missing out on opportunities because you aren't SHOWING people how awesome you are.

I will help break down the psychology of clothes in daily life, and provide practical advice on how you can transform your wardrobe to support YOU and YOUR GOALS. My light-hearted and down-to-earth approach to clothes demystifies style, fashion, and trends and helps my audiences answer the age old question: "What am I going to wear today?"

But the truth is that changing your clothes is the easiest thing you can do to start becoming the person you want to be, and to live the life you truly desire. Everyday.

I can show you how.



By Understanding Your Personal Style, You Can:

  • Feel confident and prepared everyday.

  • Get better results in work and social situations such as job interviews, networking, client meetings, and dates.

  • Regularly be noticed and appreciated by others.

  • Save money, time, and reduce stress when you shop.

  • Keep your closet organized, simplifying your morning routine.

  • Feel good knowing without a doubt that you look your very best.

In just two hours, Kylie had selected a complete look that made me feel like a million dollars.
— Krista C. | Media Sales, Bell Canada
I often find shopping to be overwhelming and tedious but Kylie made the process fun and stress free...I left our session feeling inspired, indulged, and energized.
— Nicole D. | Educator

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