Look F*cking Amazing on Camera

With big3video

In just two hours, Kylie & Jonathan had selected a complete look that made me feel like a million dollars.
— Krista | Bell Media

We're so excited that you have taken the time to make your video content F*cking amazing by working with Jan and Natalia from Big3Video. Our own experience with them while shooting the module was really valuable to getting a better handle on our on camera presence, and we know that the content they have put together is going to help you.

Discover Your Style Words...and Look F*cking Amazing on Camera!

What excites us is making sure that you look your very best, and the message that you send PHYSICALLY, matches exactly who you are and the brand you are representing. As we touched on in Module #7 about how to Dress to Impress, the first step in getting your appearance right is knowing what your message is. This involves identifying what your "style words" are and then looking at what you are wearing to see if it matches.

We've put together a quick guide to help you understand the importance of understanding your style words, and thinking about how your message translates to your style.

You can download our free guide on how to Discover Your Style Words here:

Kylie & Jonathan are Toronto's Male and Female Personal Style and Image Consulting Team. Dedicated to empowering the personal and business lives of clients, they work from the inside out, aligning client clothing with personality, lifestyle, and professional goals. They believe that looking your best is crucial to feeling your best, leading you to greater confidence, performance, and life satisfaction.